Accommodation in Riquewihr, Alsace, France : Luxury and Cheap Hotels Restaurants
Accommodation in Riquewihr, Alsace, France : Luxury and Cheap Hotels Restaurants
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Accomodation and luxury hotels and restaurants in Riquewihr in the Haut-Rhin (68) in Alsace, France


Benefit from the soft comfort of a cheap luxury hotel and enjoy one of these many Alsatian traditional dishes in a restaurant of Alsatian gastronomical tradition during your next stay in Alsace, in the most typical of the Alsatian villages, Riquewihr, with the medieval paces, where many half-timbered houses are prided on famous last.

 Hotel-Restaurant Au Cerf **

A cheap luxury hotel with 15 comfortable rooms, and a gastronomical restaurant within a richly decorated framework where one serves you one of the refined dishes of the Alsatian tradition.               Discover the Hotel...

 Hostellerie Au Moulin **

A cheap luxury hotel with 10 comfortable rooms, delightfully romantic, and a typical Alsatian restaurant with a room of 130 places in an arched vault to accomodate groups.                                                      Discover the Hotel...

 Restaurant Au Relais

A brewery-restaurant in a court surrounded of typically Alsatian houses, with a room with half-timberings where a traditional french suisine is served to you, from 11h to 22h uninterrupted.            Visit the Restaurant...

 Tourism in Riquewihr

Riquewihr, medieval city, propose many animations all along the year and especially in period of festival, as well as free guided tours of the Hurdy-gurdy City and of its ramparts.                                    Visit Riquewihr...

 Tourism and Leisure in Alsace

Alsace, and in particular the area of Riquewihr, offer multiple possibilities, in the field of visits (museums, fortified castles, monuments), as well as in the field of leisures.              Discover Alsace...
Tourism and Leisure in Riquewihr and in Alsace
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